Spiritual Development

On Drawing Closer to Allah (swt)

Love for Allah
Becoming a Muqarrab of Allah

Developing a Passionate Relationship
Getting Closer to Allah (swt)
Finding Peace & Tranquility in Life
Do not worry, do not be sad

On Leaving Sins

On Leaving Sin
Our Struggle with Desires
Temptations of the Youth
Advice for the Youth
The Fake Muslim
Power of True Love & Dangers of False Love

On Establishing Worship

Du’a – The Essence of Worship


Surah Fatiha and the Spiritual Feelings of Salah
Focusing in our Prayer


7 Steps to do in Sha’aban to get the Most of Ramadan
Preparing for Ramadan
Maintaining the Ramadan Momentum
Retaining Feelings after Ramadan


Hajj: The Journey of Love
Living the Spirit of Hajj

On Importance of Following Sunnah

Ittba e Sunnah
Love for Sunnah
Cartoons on Facebook – So what is your “reaction”?

On Rectifying our Intentions

Ikhlas (Sincerity)
Qabliyat v. Qabooliyat

Practical Understanding of Suluk & Tazkiya
(For a more conceptual understanding, please refer to Maktubat-e-Rabbani in Academic section)

Suluk: A path
Advice for the Seeker

Components of the Soul

Nafs (Seat of Desires)

Understanding the 3 Types of Nafs
Nafs ki Islah: On Disciplining the Soul
Recognizing Your Enemies: Nafs & Shaytan

Qalb (Spiritual Heart: Seat of Feelings)

How to Get Qalb-e-Saleem (Pure Heart)
3 Signs of Qalb-e-Saleem

Aql (Seat of Intellect)

On Getting Aql-e-Saleem (Pure Intellect)
Benefits of Engaging the Intellect
How to Increase Baseerat

On Dhikr e Qalbi [Silent Dhikr of the Heart]

Abundance of Dhikr
Muraqabah – Fanaa & Baqaa
Unlocking Hearts Through Dhikr e Qalbi
Muraqaba is a Source of Tazkiyah
Stages of Wuquf e Qalbi and Muraqabah
Muraqabah & Muhasibah
Muraqabah Q&A

On Shaykh-Mureed Relationship

On Shaykh-Mureed Relationship
Countering the Fangirl/Fanboy Relationship with the Shaykh

On Times of Fitnah

Times of Fitnah
Hope in times of Despair
On the Peshawar School Attack
Our Identity (Dilemma of Muslim Youth in Turbulent Times)


Life: A Journey
Pearls of Wisdom by Shams Tabrizi
Striving to Become People of Effort
Committing to our Deen and Becoming Steadfast


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