Three Signs of Qalb e Saleem

[These are the rough notes of a talk given by Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed in Lahore on 20th April, 2013]

1. Deed e Kasur — Being acutely aware of one’s shortcomings

These people are deeply aware of their sins. More alive the heart is, more sensitive to sin the person will be. Auliya Allah have very sensitive hearts. They are disturbed even by what others view to be very small sins. Some people go into depression thinking they can never be good enough for Allah (swt). They don’t realize it is the Mercy of Allah (swt) that He has made them aware of the sins. This is not something to be sad about. Don’t misdiagnose it. You can try to get more awareness by dhikr of Allah (swt).

2. Lazat e ibaada — Pleasure in worshiping Allah (swt)

They feel and enjoy the pleasures of worship. Spiritual heart when pure becomes acutely aware of every type of sweetness in every ibaada. The way to check is that the person would want to do more ibaada. They would enjoy their Salah, they would enjoy a different sweetness in every ibaada. Sometimes the enjoyment of ibaada of Syedna Rasool Allah (sws) is revealed in his (sws) duas. By leaving out on masnoon duas and ibaada, we lose out on pleasures of ibaada. Dua that Syedna Rasool Allah (sws) made when he (sws) returned from Ta’if. He (sws) taught us whenever we are in a difficult time, we should make dua. The more dhikr we do in ibaada, the more pleasure we will feel.

3. Khushu in salah — Concentration during Salah

They feel awe and reverence of Allah (swt) in their Salah. They pray salah for getting connected to Allah (swt) rather than just to get their presence marked, like a chore. If we make this intention, Allah (swt) grants His qurb very quickly, He is our Kind and Merciful Rabb. Five prayers a day are actually five special times with Allah (swt). When we view our Salah this way then we will have khushu.


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